Officers for 2018-2020

 President: Jonathan Pringle

Jonathan Pringle – He the President.  He is from Marion County.  He likes playing basketball, writing songs, singing and rapping and traveling.  Self-advocacy means being a good leader and helping others get what they need.




Vice President: Terone Manning

Terone Manning – He is the Vice President.  He is from Fairfield county.  He likes watching football, shopping, and being active in his church.  Self-advocacy means standing up and speaking for yourself and others.




 Secretary: Angela Greene

Angela Greene – She is the Secretary.  She is from Richland county.  She likes to go to the movies, reading, writing, playing board games, such as UNO, Checkers, and Trouble.  She also likes to visit and learn about different cities and countries.  Self-advocacy means making choices for my life to help make it better